To provide environment information to an application, you can define environment markers and properties.

When you create an application manifest, you can specify certain markers and properties that must be present in the environment. By doing so, an application instance will be limited to launching only in environments that satisfy your conditions. To learn more about specifying application dependencies, please review the Manifest developer’s guide.


Environment is reconfigured when one of the following actions are taken by the user:

  • Add/remove a service.
  • Add/remove a policy.

The reconfiguration is reflected in the environment status - it briefly goes to “Offline” state.

In order for an instance launched in an environment to use updated policies and services from this environment the user must manually trigger the reconfiguration process on the instance (even without actually changing configuration values). If services themselves are reconfigured, however, no reconfiguration is necessary: the instance will see the updated configuration in all of the services it depends on automatically. In other words, service reconfigurations are immediately visible to existing instances using these services, while environment reconfiguration only affects new instances, and existing instances should be reconfigured to obtain new configuration from the environment.