Advanced launch

Advanced launch dialog allows customizing the topology, component revisions and parameters of the instance. Advanced launch dialog is called by clicking on the Advanced Launch… menu item in the launch pop-up menu.

By default, advanced launch dialog shows in compact mode, allowing users to change the name, lifespan and environment of the instance to be launched, as well as inspecting the component structure that will be instantiated by the fabric.


Compact launch dialog shows the target component structure.

When a component is selected, the advanced launch dialog expands to the full mode, allowing changing the launch parameters of the component.


Full launch dialog allows changing revisions or individual parameters.

Advanced launch dialog also allows creating new revisions that can be launched later by checking the box Save as new revision. The lock buttons can then be used to lock the parameters that should not be changed by the user when launching the revision; users can still modify those parameters by creating a new revision.


Creating a new revision with two locked parameters.

When an environment policy does not allow creating a new instance of a chosen component revision, the advanced launch dialog displays the shared instance that will be used instead. In this scenario, changing the configuration parameters of the components is not possible.


Launch dialog showing a shared instance that will be used as a component.