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Welcome to Tonomi Platform Knowledge Base. Here you will find documentation, tutorials, howtos, and recipes.

Frequently asked questions

I have five minutes to learn about Tonomi Platform. What’s the best use of my time?
Sign up for our free Hadoop edition and follow the wizard. While the instance is being launched, check out the Overview.
What are the use cases best solved by Tonomi Platform?
  • Dynamically provisioned environments for development and test;
  • Enablement of continuous delivery pipelines;
  • Service discovery and configuration management in complex deployments;
  • Automated production upgrades and tenant management;
  • Secure self-service access to controlled environments.
How does Tonomi Platform relate to X? (Jenkins/Chef/Puppet/Docker/Ansible/uDeploy/LiveRebel etc)
While the answer is somewhat different for each of the tools in question, the bottom line is: Tonomi Platform is for people who already have X and understand its limitations and target use cases. Tonomi Platform is straightforward to integrate with the tools above, if you want leverage on the existing investment and/or community.
Does Tonomi Platform support X? (Java/Windows/node.js/Hadoop/OpenStack etc)
There’s a limited number of adapters that are available out of the box and supported by Tonomi, Inc.. However, you can always create your own components to interact with your favorite stack — see the Manifest developer’s guide for details.
What is the architecture of Tonomi Platform?
Tonomi Platform is a hybrid cloud application, which can either be used as a pure SaaS-type of a model or extended behind the firewall for enterprise installations. Take a look at the Documentation for more.
How do I install and manage Tonomi Platform Fabric Controller in my organization?
This option is only available on the select plans. Refer to the section Operating the Control Fabric.
How much does Tonomi Platform cost?
Our basic SaaS subscription is free and goes from there based on required volume and SLAs.
Tonomi Platform is throwing a weird error on me. What do I do?
Depending on the nature of the error, you might or might not be able to fix it yourself. Take a look at the section Common Errors.
I am stuck. How do I get help?
For the enterprise plans, you have a designated administrator who can triage the issue and escalate to Tonomi, Inc. in case our involvement is needed. If you do not have a designated administrator or have a question which is not related to platform operation, use the Contact support menu item under your user name in the bottom left corner of the app.
How secure and reliable is Tonomi Platform?
Tonomi Platform is hosted in a SOC2-compliant environment and manned 24/7. It’s been running production workloads since 2012. Our historical availability numbers are available at
How do I report security issues?
Just drop us an email: security at tonomi dot com.
How do I submit feature or enhancement request?
Use the Contact support menu item under your user name in the bottom left corner of the app. We’ll generally have a live person getting back to you next business day.


If you don’t know where to start, start here and work your way down.

Using Tonomi Platform

This section is recommended for everyone who needs to interact with Tonomi Platform. It covers the basic concepts and guides the users through day-to-day tasks.

Configuring Tonomi Platform

This section is essential for engineers and configuration managers who need to model and orchestrate complex multi-node configurations.

Service developer guide focuses on writing manifests, integrating with external services and creating extensions that work with Tonomi API.

Administering Tonomi Platform

This section is created for groups implementing Tonomi Platform on the enterprise. It covers setting up users and roles, defining policies and performing common routine tasks.

Extending Tonomi Platform

This section is designed for the developers who are not satisfied with the capabilities provided by Tonomi Platform out of the box and looking to write custom components and adapters.

Operating the Control Fabric

This section is created for the system administrators who need to support private segments of the Control Fabric. It addresses the concerns related to installing, upgrading, monitoring and backing up the controllers residing behind the firewall.